My cat is a gentle cat, most of the time. She’s kind, and loving, and sweet. Unfortunately, she can also be a bit of a doormat, and so she’s been having fights with a new cat in the neighbourhood. She had a nasty looking wound on the top of her head, so we decided to call the vet tonight, and we went in for an appointment.

She hated it. Turned out she has an abscess, and the vet had to use some not nice methods to clean it. Scabs were removed, irrigation was done, and Minoes protested vehemently. The vet, who was lovely, told us (well, me) what was needed to do the maintenance at home.

That’s where the killing comes in. I am to massage the goo out of Minoes’ head once a day, and we have to keep the wound open. All of this she will not like. So, guys, if I stop posting on Snark, and stop answering e-mails, you know what has occurred. Most likely, she will have smothered me. (It’s what she’s been practising after all.)

Ocassionally, I find things in movies that relate to my life. To be honest most of the time they are disney movies. So when I had to be a cox for a boat yesterday morning, in the godawful rain that was coming down, I found myself humming the ‘rainy song’ from The Winnie The Pooh Adventures.

It really was quite appropriate, as I quite felt like poor little Piglet did!

The last year of university has been a bit trying. A lot of stuff going on in my personal life, means being distracted whilst trying to do university work, and unfortunately university work has therefore suffered.
I am so glad it’s over though!

I can have a somewhat relaxing holiday now, and even though I have a resit in August, I actually feel good about it. Obviously it helps that I have done at least half the work for this already, and don’t have to do all of it again, but I’ve also recently joined a study support group, and they have helped me get the highest mark I’ve ever gotten (in university) on one of my exams!

Of course, I’ll be doing fun things too during the summer! Can’t have a relaxing time without fun! I’ll probably go see my little cousin who’s five (damn English language for only having one word for two genders. This one is female), we always have loads of fun together; I should really finish the bathrobe I started making in March, and I’m looking into making an infinity dress. Lots of rowing is in my future (I joined a club in the spring) and I’ll help promote the rowing club during introduction week for the University and University of Applied Sciences here in Groningen.

My summer will be awesome!

I’m a person who likes food. In fact, if I had things my way, my parents would be entertaining a lot more than they usually do now, just so that I can make delicious snacks, as well as meals.

In earlier days I would have just decided what I wanted to make, and then make it for Lunch, or just for the hell of it. Unfortunately, lately that’s not really been possible, as I’m sticking to my diet again.

This week, however, I’m taking on three food projects. Tomorrow I’ll be making a curry from scratch, because I’ve always wanted a proper one. Friday, I’m making Lasagne Bolognese with garlic bread and a salad, because friends of my parents are coming over for dinner, and finally, on Sunday, my sister will be having her belated birthday party, for which I’m going to make all kinds of different foods as well. Just thinking about it has me quite hungry, already.

Next Monday I’ll probably be sick of cooking for a while, but honestly, I don’t mind. My University work needs attention too! :P

Religiously speaking, I’m not much of anything, and I’m definitely not Catholic. However, since my parents raised me (relatively) well, I know some about all kinds of religious holidays. Generally, I don’t observe any (by observe I just mean watch, perceive, notice, not to show regard for), except for the ones that get me free days from university.

Generally, my family only ‘celebrates’ Easter and Christmas with some really, really good food. However, this year I’m also doing Lent, my way.

In August of last year,  I went to see a dietician, because I needed new eating habits, for my health as well as my weight. For a few weeks I was very vigilant about the diet, and it worked well. Then obviously, came Christmas, and it went out the window, because I love food.

Ever since Christmas I’ve been having trouble getting back into the groove. This is where Lent comes in. A few weeks ago Caitlin, said something on her facebook page about it, and that got me thinking.
Lent is a fixed period of time, with an end date, and a reward at the end, in the form of loads of Easter Eggs, chocolate or otherwise.

So, I’ve decided to stick to my diet for Lent, which is going well so far, but I’m sure it will be somewhat of a challenge!

Over the intercom on my exam this afternoon:

Regarding question 28: A successful suicide attempt means that the patient is dead.

I kid you not. It has been freezing for WEEKS and I have a mosquito that has decided to winter in my room.

I want to kill something right now, and that thing is not just the mosquito.

I have never had a real affinity for Dutch music. When I was younger, there were definitely songs that I liked more than others, but for the past few years Dutch music has mostly been of the type that I detest (sappy upbeat love songs), because my personal beliefs are that my native language isn’t suited to most of the songs it’s used for.

Tonight, however, I got browsing on YouTube, and got quite sad that the majority of the people I would like to make listen to these songs, can never appreciate them fully without learning Dutch first.
I’m going to try anyway though, and give you some links to YouTube, because some of these songs are most awesome.

Veldhuis en Kemper – Ik Wou Dat Ik Jou Was. (Tr: I Wish I Were You) I think the title pretty much says it all :P
Volumia – Hou Me Vast. (Tr: Hold Me) One sappy love song that I actually like.
The Opposites ft. Trijntje Oosterhuis – Brief Aan Jou (Tr. Letter To You) Who wouldn’t wish their dead friends would be able to hear them? This songs gave me chills the first time I listened to it properly.
Twarres – Wêr Bisto (Tr: Where Are You) This song is actually Frisian, which is a language of it own, but it’s pretty much only spoken in The Netherlands, and this song has been a favourite for many years now.
Guus Meeuwis – Het Is Een Nacht (Tr: It Is A Night) It’s night that you’d normally only see in movies, but tonight I’m living it with you. Almost the only song I love by this artist. A favourite for many people I’d say.

So, did you, commenters, understand anything about the songs? What did you think?

Ps. Happy New Year!

I have learned two things today:

1. Turns out little sisters are good for something! For instance when your moustache needs plucking, and you don’t want to do it yourself.

2. Making sorbet without an ice-cream maker is a rather annoying and tedious process. Note to Jamie Oliver: a couple of hours means TWO, not SIX and up.

It’s amazing how quick your sucky day can be brightened by two four-year-olds on a bus.

The afternoon meeting I had was no fun, and I was ready to wallow in self-pity, when I met them on the bus, and with their babbling about Sinterklaas and their singing of Christmas Songs I was ripped out of the funk :)