When I was inĀ  7th and 8th grade of primary school, I had a great teacher for a few days a week. She was very nice, very creative (she taught everyone Origami) and she was a great storyteller.

This story telling abilities mostly came out when she would teach us geography. She’d tell us all about different countries, and different cultures, and all of this of the top of her head, without a book!

One story that I always remembered, was about the colonisation of America. She’d tell us about first meetings between Native Americans and Europeans. A particular thing about that story stayed by me all these years; Europeans brought a disease to America for which the Native Americans didn’t have a cure. She asked us if we had any idea what we thought the disease was, and I answered that I thought it was the flu: she told us it was nothing too serious.

Other students didn’t really know what kind of disease we were talking about, and we were all stunned when she told us what it was. It was the common cold. It made the Native Americans so ill, a lot of them died.

Back then I didn’t really understand it, I’d had colds, but I was still alive, right?
Right now, I think I do understand. I have had the worst cold I have ever had in a long, long time. I’m coughing my lungs out, and sometimes it feels as if it’s literal. >.<

My cat has been acting really weird lately. For some reason she only wants to sleep in my room or in my parents’ room, my parents’ room being the last resort, because she only wants to sleep in my room when I’m not there. If I am there she’ll walk all over my desk, onto my other smaller desk, and then onto my windowsill. She’ll sit on it for a while, and then she’ll start walking around the room.

She specifically targets the closet for some reason. She’ll walk in front of it, look in the mirror, and then just guard it like it’s dangerous or something. Tonight, when I picked her up so I could cuddle her, she climbed on my shoulder, and then into my closet.

She’s been following me around too. When I sit at my desk she’ll sit under it, when I’m on my bed she’ll sit on the top bunk, and when I went to shower earlier, she followed me to the bathroom, and waited outside until I was done. Then she followed me back to my room, and started pacing.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she was worried about me or something… But cats don’t worry about humans, do they…?

Ever since last Friday I have been cooking on Friday. :) Last rfirday I made pasta, which should have had a different kind of pasts than the one I used, but it was delicious anyway :) My sister helped me clean up afterwards. My mum didn’t have to do anything about dinner, and she really liked that.

This evening I did an ovendish, which required a lot or preparation (it contained leeks amongst other things, and leeks are hell to cut) but after that it was pretty simple. Just shove it in the oven for about an hour, and it was really delicious!

My sister decided she wanted to do the desert, and required my help with the chocolate sauce she wanted to make. Behaving like the true cooking noobs we are, I decided to just put a bit of milk into a pan, put it on the fire and add the chocolate. No need to weigh or measure anything, I thought.

That’s where I went wrong, lol. We should have measured the milk, because what we ended up with after a while was just a very think chocolatey soup, which was not what we wanted. So, what I did was pour some in a cup, and added more chocolate to the rest. (Thankfully we had a huge stock of chocolate chips lying around, because my mum wanted them for cookies). The final result was quite good, and it tasted nice, even though it was a bit too sweet, and we still have quite a bit left over. xD

Moral of the story: Don’t add stuff on a whim. :P

I am quite a bookish person. I love to read, and I have read quite a lot of books, on all kinds of subjects. I have read fiction, non fiction, mythology, manuals, basically everything ;) .

Because I have read so much, I often draw paralells between stories. Mostly I do this with Greek Mythology, as it is a favourite subject of mine, and I love the intrigue that’s always in those Myths. I came across one particular paralell with a popular book quite by chance.

I was reading my Mythology Encyclopedia, when I came across Achilles’ son, Neoptolemus. Neoptolemus was married to Hermione, but after the Trojan war he brought home a second wife: Andromache. Hermione was crazy jealous of her. There are several versions of what happened to Hermione and Andromache, but I quite like the version in which Hermione poisons Andromache. xD (One other version suggests she ran away with her cousin, whom she married)

See where I’m going with this? Whilst the paralell stops at Hermione being crazy jealous, Ancient Hermione bears great resemblance to Hermione Granger in that aspect. Hermione Granger too was very jealous of Lavender Brown when Lavender dated Ron. She ofcourse did not poison her, and she didn’t run off with her cousin either, but the jealousy is quite a nice paralell. Makes you wonder if JKR did it on purpose. ;)

I discovered something interesting the, something which I hadn’t noticed before: women are mean.
The way I discovered it was by accidentally listening in on the conversation 4 girls who were sitting right behind me were having. They started talking about the field trip to Paris they were going on with French, and various other things, when suddenly one of them said:

,,I really hope so-and-so won’t go with us. She’ll ruin everything.”

Even though I wasn’t actually listening in on the conversation, this made me a bit mad. The reason they gave for her ruining everything, was the fact that she might be in a wheelchair. Which made me a bit more mad.

You see: she had an operation recently, and she is a really lovely girl, even though I have only spoken to her a few times. Due to the operation she’s been having some trouble walking: hence the being in the wheelchair.

I knew these girls when I was in 1st-3rd grade of highschool, and actually I’m surprised to say that they didn’t change much. They are still vicious and unforgiving.

This is the 100th post in my blog, since I started using wordpress!

It’s a little unfortunate that it took me this long to actually get to 100, but I hope to have a lot more before my domain’s 3rd birthday in September :)

Real posts will continue tomorrow. Tonight I have to make icky graphs for my stupid project. (Actually I’m abandoning the graphs. They suck, and I can’t figure them out. My teacher will have to do with what we’ve got so far)

I hate puberty. The one thing I hate about puberty the most is all the hormones that my brain is making. They interfere with my normal thinking patterns.

You see, my normal thinking patterns include carefully weighing out the options before I think liking any guy. Normally I decide against doing anything, because a rejection would be embaressing for me.

Being really annoying unfortunately isn’t enough of a reason for me to completely wipe them out :( . Even if they make me hit anything and everything, even particulate soil on a colloidal suspension.


What with me being all emo lately, I have completely run out of ideas for my blog. Fortunately I’m going on a physics fieldtrip tomorrow :P If I remember to take my camera, I will take some pictures.

So basically, I’m just blogging to let you know I have nothing to blog about. XD Crazy, huh?

There are times in a girl’s life, when she’s feeling incredibly lonely. One of these times in my life is now. This feeling of loneliness is a direct result from the lack of sleep I have been experiencing over the past couple of weeks.

Lack of sleep always affects me in three ways: First, I get incredibly annoying and very happy and bubbly and I’ll laugh about everything that may or may not have a double meaning, and if it doesn’t, I’ll just stretch my mind until it does. xD
Next I become annoyed very easily. This is the stage in which I have no patience, and the littlest things will piss me off. This stage also includes apathy. I don’t care how you feel, just stay out of my way.
In the last stage, which is where I’m in now, I feel nothing for the longest time. I’m too tired to think about anything really.

If, in the last stage I somehow end up watching something that includes romance, I end up feeling really alone.

Unfortunately I did, I watched Greys Anatomy last night, and Private Practice tonight. I shouldn’t have really, but I can’t help myself.
Lack of sleep sucks.

Happy days are here again, finally! The test of mental strength has finally passed, and I can breathe once more.

What do you mean, what do I mean by a test of mental strength? I mean that with my project report handed in, my physics resit over and done with, and a 8/10 on my Dutch Oral, my mental capacity was truly stretched beyond its limits.

Tonight was the first night in weeks that I have slept well, and woke up not completely tired, and tonight I will hopefully also sleep much, much better.

To top that all off: the sun is shining, and it’s relatively warm! It has been below zero for the past few weeks (except for yesterday, when it was raining) and the sunshine is very welcome!

ETA: My project report came back, with remarks about what I need to edit. >.< Bye bye relaxing weekend D: Now I have to redo all my graphs.