Once upon a time there was a little girl in fast food land. There was only one fastfood chain she’d every been to really, and that was McDonalds. However lately McDonals just wasn’t satisfying any more. (She’d found that out because she’d gone to it one night, after she hadn’t been for five years, and found that the food was just gross, and tasted like greased cardboard.)

She was a little upset that her dream was no longer there (she’d craved McDonalds sometimes during those five years), and she vowed to never try out another fast food place again (more specifically, she vowed to never try out subway), in case she got hooked. You see, she was far to fond of food, and went to the local supermarket for snacks too often anyway. She didn’t want to spend even more money on fast food as well.

Then, one day, the evil witch of spending money, dropped a flyer filled with coupons for subway in her letterbox. The evil witch of spending money had seen that the little girl was far too attached to her money to spend it on fast food, and in a desperate attempt to get her to part with her money, she’d opted for coupons.

The little girl was now faced with an enormous dilemma: should she or shouldn’t she? She debated this in her head for a long time, and talked about it with her mother and little sister. By the end of the day she still hadn’t come to a decision. She decided to sleep on it for a night.

(To be continued)

  1. Kaylee Monday, 16 February, 2009, 22:13 01

    She should, as long as it’s only every once in a while :P I used to spend sooo much on fast food, so the coupons were a great help — I would’ve bought the food, anyway. I’ve been trying to cut back on unnecessary food purchases, though. *hugs money*

  2. Amanda Tuesday, 17 February, 2009, 08:18 23

    She definitely should – when it comes to fast food, Subway is definitely the lesser evil, and much better than snacks from the supermarket!


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