In regards to cooking fried rice:

  • When the recipe says ‘Four cookps of rice. Cold. Cooked’ do not assume that they mean four cups of uncooked rice, cooked and cooled off.
    They actually mean four cups of cooked and cold rice. If you do it the other way round, you might end up with 800 grams of cooked rice. >.<
  • When it turns out that you’re out of the rice you usually use, don’t use the rice that was in your mother’s Christmas gift two years ago. Especially if it was in the Sushi Christmas gift.
    You may (read: will) end up with a huge sticky mess.
  • When the recipe says cold rice, do not cook it an hour previously, it will still be warm

From this I have officially concluded that my fried rice was not succes. Well at least my dad liked it, even if I thought the taste of the soy sauce was a bit iffy (I’d never had it before, and I don’t really like the taste of the soy sauce). My brother and sister hated it, but that was probably because there were peas in it.
I’m doing it all again on Monday, but then I’ll be using Chilli sauce, and the peas will be substituted by some kind of beans of which I don’t know the English name xD.

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