Once upon a time, the little girl in fast food land had thought about the subway coupons, the evil with of spending money had put in her mailbox. She decided that because it was her sister’s birthday, and she was going to the movies with her anyway, she should treat her sister.

So they went to see ‘The Tale Of Despereaux’, and had a lot of fun watching it whilst eating the snacks they smuggled into the theatre. The movie was a lot of fun despite some of the annoying kids that were there as well.

Afterwards they walked to the nearest Subway, only to find that it had closed down. So they walked to the one nearest to the bus stop where they were taking the bus, and they orded two foot longs and two bottles of soda.

The little girl like the first 6 inch of the sub, but the last 6 inch, and especially the last few were getting a bit much. She finished the whole sandwich though, and afterwards felt really full.

Once she’d come home, she was very pleased there was not a subway on her way from home to school, because she felt the 6 inch sub would have been perfect.

  1. Amanda Sunday, 22 February, 2009, 02:34 35

    Oh yeah, foot longs are a bit too much. :S What I tend to do is get a foot long, get them to wrap it up separately into two 6 inches, and eat one for lunch, and one for dinner…split it up into two meals otherwise I just stuff myself and feel sick afterwards. :P

    But, yay, you tried Subway!

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