I am pretty tired right now, but I probably won’t go to bed for another hour. Even though it is 22.23. The reason for this is that I have too much going on in my mind right now; my siblings’ birthday was today, and mostly I had a good time.

The things that I liked were pretty standard stuff, I liked the cake, I liked the snacks and I liked dinner. Mostly though I liked the fact that my three year old cousin was here :) . We don’t see much of her, as she lives about 2-3 hours away (not sure how long it is by car) and she is extremely cute, even if she can be a brat a times. xD

The things I don’t like, and didn’t like today, were pretty standard as well: I didn’t like all the greeting and thehand shaking and the ‘congratulations with your brother and sister!’. I also didn’t like having to tidy the house before the guests arrived (my grandparents are downsizing and my dad took a lot of stuff from their old home. All of it, some pretty heavy, had to go into the attic), and having to go with my dad to collect my great-aunt and having to drop her off at a relatives’ house later (I have to do this on my birthday, why can’t my brother or sister do it at theirs?).

But mostly, the thing I hate most about my siblings’ birthdays, is that my sister is so friendly she thinks she has to invite her entire hockey team to our house to have cake. >.<
I’m not sure if I have said this before, but I do not like people. Especially noisy people I have never met before.

I like my peace and quiet, even if it makes me look like an old lady.

  1. Kaylee Monday, 23 February, 2009, 02:44 54

    I get tired of greetings and stuff, too, and having to clean for guests always sucks, but I actually enjoy having a lot of people around xD In any case, cake always makes everything better :P

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